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Article: Exclusive: Uber driver accused of assault passed “zero-tolerance” background check despite criminal history

Have you ever hired a car and had the driver attack you?

Defining Mobile Development 2014

How do define mobile? And how do you develop for it?

Video Game Evolution

Time to move on from physical disks and go completely digital dropping Social

Benioff, CEO of, is dropping the term social in his delivery message. Social wasn’t flying.

FedEx Makes Fun of Social Media Gurus!

Great Fedex commercial making fun of social media gurus, but yet advertising and gaining traction through social media.

Applebee’s Social Media Suicide

Originally posted on R.L. Stollar //// Overturning Tables:
Hell hath no fury like a Facebook scorned. In today’s digital age, most of us assume everyone understands this fact. But every now and again,…

Predicting Customers’ (Unedited) Behavior – Alex “Sandy” Pentland – Harvard Business Review

Big Data provides objective information about people’s behavior. Not their beliefs or morals. Not what they would like their behavior to be. Not what they tell the world their behavior is, but rather what it really is, unedited.

Starbucks Gives Single-Serve a Shot – Is the US Ready?

Starbucks this week began selling its first-ever single-cup machine, dubbed Verismo, on its website. The machines will be available in stores….

Burberry to Open Digitally Integrated Store in London

A perfect example of blurring the lines between technology and the old-fashioned brick-and-mortar store. Engaging the customer and enhancing the customer’s experience with technology. How is technology changing business and the retail landscape?