USA Science & Engineering Festival 2014 – Washington DC

Originally posted on Go NOVA Kids:
Is anyone else excited for the USA Science and Engineering Festival? This weekend head down to the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in downtown Washington DC and take…

What are your thoughts on DevOps?

What are your thoughts on DevOps? Disruptor Good? or Disruptor Bad?

Yahoo COO Henrique De Castro fired for failing to boost ad sales

Article: The First App You Open In The Morning

Which app do you review in the morning? First thing in the morning?

Article: Exclusive: Uber driver accused of assault passed “zero-tolerance” background check despite criminal history

Have you ever hired a car and had the driver attack you?

Atmel envisions cool curved car touchscreens for the future

…To be considered when developing for mobile. Mobile doesn’t mean mobile phone anymore, mobile encompasses the internet of things and is not restricted to flat screens.

Defining Mobile Development 2014

How do define mobile? And how do you develop for it?

Pebble the Smartwatch company that understands Smartwatches

Exciting news from Pebble. .. New watch

Google Glass: *G-Wink* Photos

Yes, you can *wink* a picture with Google Glass. When I first heard this, I thought it was a bogus report by someone that had confused the Winkfeed App with the possibilities of winking a photo. I was wrong.